Manufacturing Soaps and Detergents Business Opportunity

Never purchase expensive products that you can make yourself for a fraction of the price. You can start your own business by manufacturing soap and detergents and supply, schools, supermarkets, shops, banks, businesses, canteens, guest houses, lodges, spaza shops with strong, quality products.

We will supply you with 2 Manuals (a Manufacturing Manual and a Marketing Manual).

If you are interested in becoming a leading and profitable detergent manufacturer in your area then we have just what you need at Trimo Training and Consulting. Our detergents and soaps course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in running their own small business from home. You don’t require any previous experience in the industry and you can expect for all the formulas to be provided to you in a simplified manual which you can refer to at any time.

What does our course have to offer?

Duration: This course will take 1 Day to complete and you receive a Certificate of completion.

Venue: Trimo Training and Consulting in Randfontein, Johannesburg.

Course content and what to expect:

When choosing to go on a detergent and soap manufacturing course with us you can expect to learn the detergent basics. Each topic is covered and presented in a detailed manual which you can actually take away with you at the end of the course. Any samples that you create during the course will also be sent home with you.

The methods, techniques and formulas that weDishwash Liquid have to teach you are easy to learn and you can expect to require very tuition. In fact, if you are able to follow basic instructions, then you can make absolutely any soap or detergent that we have the formula for.

Most of the formulas can be mixed by hand, but there are those that will be better made if you make use of a small detergent manufacturing machine. While we actually sell these units to our students at an affordable rate (R2000), the course will also cover how to make your own at home which is quite beneficial to those who are looking to cut down on costs.

Detergent manufacturing is not just about presenting a product to the market. You must realise that your product and the service that you provide your clients with are equally important. With this in mind we will provide you with simplified methods on how to market and advertise your business, as well as how to handle your clients. Basic business skills are all part of this course.

There is no doubt that every household appreciates the work and products of a liquid detergent manufacturer. All of the products that are created can be used for household and business cleaning purposes. When completing this course you will be able to effectively manufacture the following types of detergents and soaps:

Cost of the 1 day training course and 50 formulations is R5100.

We provide you with a full list of soaps and detergents that we will teach you to manufacture. If you are interested in finding our more about detergent manufacturing and how you can change it into a lucrative business for you, be in touch with us at Trimo Training and Consulting.