Funeral Parlour Business Opportunity

Businesses in the funeral industry are booming and more people are dying than ever before! In the mind of a funeral undertaker, every person is a possible client.

When you start a new business, you will require appropriate business knowledge, specific trade secrets and knowledge of marketing.

We can provide you with the Funeral Parlour Training Course you need tolowering device start and run your own funeral parlour business. Attend our 3 Day Funeral Parlour Training Course.

You will receive:
  • 3 Funeral Parlour Manuals.
  • Funeral Parlour Information
  • Email Support for 3 months.
  • A Certificate of Completion.
 On the Friday Morning (Day 2 of training), you will receive practical training at an existing funeral parlour.

The cost of the Funeral Parlour Training Course is R6,000.00.

*Please Note: Laptop Compulsory and Only 3 Trainees per course.

Find accommodation near the Training Center.