Coffin Manufacturing Business Opportunity

Coffin manufacturing is a great home based business; you are able to start this type of business from the space of your double door garage. When you start the business, there is no need for expensive tools and machinery. You will purchase bigger tools and machinery when your business starts making a profit.
When you attend a Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Course, we will trainCoffin 3 Tier you how to manufacture all types of coffins, from economical coffins right up to top of the range coffins.

You will receive:
  • Email Support for 6 months.
  • A Certificate of Completion.
  • 2 Manuals: A Coffin Marketing Manual and A Coffin Manufacturing Manual.
You do not require any previous woodworking experience; you will learn everything during the coffin manufacturing workshop.

The cost of the Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Workshop is R5,000.00.

Find accommodation details here.