SABizHub - Business Opportunities with Training

SABizHub provides affordable business opportunities and workshops that empower prospective entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to start their own businesses. All business workshops are hands-on practical workshops that include the manufacturing as well as the marketing aspects of the business that the entrepreneur chooses to start. Most of the businesses that will be found on this website are easy to start and run even from your own home.

At Sabizhub we say: When doing business there is no limit to success.

Included in this collection of business opportunities are business products and services that are used every day and which the general public must have or use on a regular basis. Below is a list of the available business courses.


Manufacturing Soaps & Detergents

Never purchase expensive products that you can make yourself for aSoaps and Detergents fraction of the price.
You may even want to start your own business and supply hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shops, banks, businesses, canteens, guest houses, lodges,
spaza shops, etc., with strong good quality products.

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Manufacturing Coffins

CoffinFunerals and Cremations cannot be held without a Coffin or Casket. Other businesses lose customers due to the HIV AIDS pandemic, higher crime rates, turberculosis and various other illnesses and viruses, but business in the Coffins and Caskets industry are booming. More people are dying than ever before!

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Website Design Training Course

Need to make a living working from home? Creating websites forWebsite Design businesses is the ideal home based business. If anyone wants to share information, they need a website and should be on the internet. Gone are the days when advertising happened in the printed media and on television only. If you have a business, people expect to find your business on the internet.

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Manufacturing Tombstones

TombstoneWhen someone dies, family and friends want to remember and honour the life of the deceased. Throughout the funeral ceremony, the deceased is honoured but the ceremony is brief. More is needed to remind people of the deceased and of the place where the person was buried. You will find a variety of tombstones or monuments made today.Tombstone style and design has changed over the years. 

Granite and marble are not the only material that is used to create beautiful, long-lasting Tombstones.

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Tombstone Manufacturing. 


Manufacturing Caskets

If you’ve been looking around for a business that’s a greatDome Casket investment with great returns, then you should consider starting your own casket manufacturing business.
The casket building industry is probably one of the most lucrative (but under-staffed) industries in South Africa today. With the HIV epidemic still spreading at an alarming rate, mortality rates are only going to continue to rise.

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Funeral Parlour Business

While other businesses lose customers due to the HIV AIDS pandemic,Lowering Device higher crime rates, tuberculosis and various other illnesses and viruses, business in the Funeral industry are booming. More people are dying than ever before!

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